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Getting Started. FAQ's.

We know building your dream home can be exciting and also a lot of information to gather. In order to best meet your needs, here are some Frequently Asked Questions and things to think about when getting started. 

What locations do you build in? 

We build in St. Mary's County and Calvert County, Maryland. 

Will you build on our lot if we have land already?

Have you already purchased land or do you have a lot that you are thinking about purchasing? We will build on your lot in St. Mary's County and Calvert County. We also have lots ready to build on in Breton Oaks in Leonardtown. 

What is a new construction loan? 

A new construction loan is a critical step to getting started with St. Marie's Builders, as we only build with a new construction loan. If you have not started the process of a new construction loan (different from a traditional loan), and need recommendations for local lenders in the area,  let us know.

What floor plans do you offer? Can we bring you our floor plans?

You can view our floor plans and standard options here on our website. All of our floor plans can be fully customized. Our experienced builder specializes in fitting your floor plan to your needs and lot. You can also view floor plans and finished houses listed by floor plan name on our Facebook page.

What  options and features are standard? 

We provide a list of interior, exterior, kitchen, bath, and insulation standard features and options that come with all of our homes. You can find that information here, and we also go over this in detail during the first meeting with the builder.

Who will we work with during the building process?

Throughout the entire process, from the first meeting to moving day, you will work directly with the builder and owner of St. Marie's Builders to bring your dream home to life. This is the difference, and priority you receive with St. Marie's Builders. 


Ready for a consultation? We are ready and waiting to work with you. Contact us today.

Questions we will ask upon consultation:

What is your price range?

Whether you have a range for the lot and the house, or just one, we want to understand the budget you are working with so that we can best meet your needs. You can get an idea of our pricing, along with standard features under the Locations tab.

What square footage and/ or type of home are you looking to build?

What is the square footage or size range you are looking to build. Between price range and square footage, we can let you know before the first meeting if we can meet your needs, saving you time. 

Are you familiar with what is required for a new construction loan?

See FAQ's above for details.

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